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VALHAL Midgard Serpent Edition

Our latest Kickstarter is now live! Check out the campaign!

3 years ago, in July 2018 we officially released our first boardgame, VALHAL. Since then a lot has happened, we added the Dodoresque games to our lineup, released the upgraded second print of VALHAL and launched our Miniature Evolution in 2020.

To celebrate VALHALs 3rd anniversary, we designed an epic Dice Tower in the form of Jörmungandr, the Midgard Snake. Up to 19cm tall in the biggest version, this statue will overlook your gaming table and be the center of attention.

The Midgard Snake is available in 3 sizes, various colours and finishes.

The campaign is already live and only runs until July 15th. Join the action now!



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