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December Newsletter | Tetrahedron Games

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Winter has come and Tetrahedron Games has some cool announcements to enter the final month of 2021.

Read more about joining a boardgaming trip to Norway, the Dodoresque: Cherry Blossom Miniature Expansion and the upcoming Midgard Serpent .stl crowdfunding campaign.

A couple of months ago we ran a Kickstarter for our Dice Tower Sculpture “Jörmungandr”, the Midgard Serpent. Production is going well and we have just started delivering the first sculptures to our Backers. While it's going to be a while until all Dice Towers are delivered, we received feedback that people are interested in 3D-printing their own Dice Towers at home.

While we are pretty occupied at the moment, we definitely plan on running another campaign, either on Kickstarter or maybe even directly on MyMiniFactory early next year. Of course we'll keep you updated in our upcoming newsletters and social media so you don't miss out.

Missed the campaign? Check out our Etsy-Store to pre order you Midgard Serpent Dice Tower.

Back in October we got to meet Alex from at SPIEL in Essen. We had a couple of chats since then and currently work on putting together a Valhal themed trip to Norway next year.

For scheduling we look at the week before or after SPIEL '22. The trip is going to be 10 days long, starting in Oslo and including a lot of Viking-themed but also other historical sights and city tours with occasional breaks for boardgames like Valhal.

If you are interested in joining the trip, there's going to be more info in the January newsletter, but you can also sign up for our specific Norway-Trip-Mailing-List on our website to make sure you're the first to learn more and don't miss out!

And last but not least, following up with our Miniature Expansion for Dodoresque: Jungle Fever in February, the new campaign for Cherry Blossom has just gone live! As with Jungle Fever we're going to add 12 colourful miniatures to the card game to complete the collection.


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