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Dodoresque - Jungle Fever

Dodoesque Junge Fever

Dodoresque is a set-collecting card game for 2-4 players. You take the role of a Dodo and your goal is simple: Build the prettiest nest on the island.

However the nest is not going to build itself. So, the Dodos must venture out to search for building materials. You can search for them in three different card stacks.


Cards & Rules

To compete with your neighbouring Dodos you will hunt Material and Type Combinations of up to 6 cards and try to find even more valuable materials.

The rules of the game are simple and easy to learn. Of course, there is more to Dodoresque than just that. You can exchange materials, try to rob your competition, use Joker Cards and much more.


Dodoresque is a funny card game that doesn't take itself too seriously. Every card tells another little story that one of the Dodos experiences and it is told in detail-loving art and some short texts to giggle at.










We made sure that the humour in our game is not too heavy for children or too blunt for adults. We wanted to make sure that everybody, no matter the age, is having a good time.



FAQ & Help

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