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About Us

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Tetrahedron Games is a German boardgame company with roots in Nuremberg, the Mecca of German board games.


Over the past years, our team at Tetrahedron Games has established itself as a board game company, releasing our first games and making valuable contacts in the industry. Our philosophy is to produce games that exceed the standards of board games. Immersive Gameplay, high replayability and intuitive rulebooks are alongside a high production quality the key values of our games.


Our games do not just stand out by their gameplay. We are also working together with amazing Artists, who are very capable of filling our games with life and colour, and hereby enable an unique sense of immersion into the games we create.

For manufacturing we are working closely with specialists in their respective fields. It is not always an option, but whenever possible we try to team up with local suppliers for our projects.


Customer satisfaction is the highest good to our company. If you are not satisfied with the product, we aren't either. Transparency and communication with our customers aswell as backers on Kickstarter are just as important to us as the quality of our products.

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