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Tetrahedron Games Miniature Evolution


Founded in 2016, Tetrahedron Games is an established boardgame publisher known for unique game settings and designs as well as a high manufacturing quality. In late 2019 we started working on a new endeavour, the creation of our own miniature branch for wargaming, roleplaying and collectibles. Earlier this year we already released our limited run of custom miniatures for our card game Dodoresque. Now our first real wargaming project "Space Scenery" has just launched on Kickstarter.

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Miniatures have been around for centuries. At first they were carved from wood, then cast from tin and later on mainly cast from plastic. As casting has replaced the process of carving, we live in a time where a new form of producing miniatures is available: 3D-printing.

Printing miniatures allows us to create complex models without sacrificing form or having the need for manual assembly. The level of detail achieved by printing in resin is already ahead of what can be cast. Not being held back by the use of fixed forms for a huge number of miniatures, we are able to produce small series and can also scale models for individual purposes without massive upfront investmens into molds.

For all of our upcoming projects you will have the option to purchase the .stl-files or a physical product which will be printed in our own 3D-printing-farm, packed and shipped as usual. For all of our physical products we also offer a wide variety of materials and customization options. Models can be purchased in various colours, transparent, magnetized, painted and made from our specialized miniature resin - even in an eco-friendly version.

This is the Miniature Evolution.

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