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Tetrahedron Games at Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Tetrahedron Games is a German boardgame publisher founded in 2016.

To this day we have published two editions of our thematic Viking boardgame VALHAL and two versions of our small and fast paced card game DODRESQUE.

Tetrahedron Games is known for thematic and immersive games of high production quality.

In 2020 we are also launching our first set of wargaming scenery which can be 3D-printed at home or purchased as a physical product directly from us.

VALHAL is a thematic boardgame for 2-4 Players ages 14+, set at the dawn of the Viking era. Each Player takes the role of a Viking Jarl, assuming control over their own Viking settlement.

Each turn of the game resembles a season of the year, adding new events and challenges with every round.

Over the course of each year you will be building your settlement, gain resources by raiding the villages on the mainland and will have to deal with numerous events and the whim of the nordic Gods.

VALHAL includes 5 main game boards, 6 small boards, 80 custom made plastic coins, 24 custom made dice, 149 playing cards, over 70 unit cards and dozens of helper tokens and other markers.

VALHAL is officially released with the start of the Tabletop Gaming Virtual Live and ships worldwide.

Get your copy with a £10 discount only this weekend.

Or learn more about the game on our WEBSITE.

Dodoresque is a funny, fast and colourful card game for 2-4 (2-8) Players ages 8+. Each Player takes the role of one Dodo character, trying their best to build the prettiest nest of all.

To do so the Dodos have to go on adventures, gathering various materials of different values while playing action cards to escape dangerous situations unscathed.

The first version of Dodoresque, Jungle Fever, has been released in 2018, followed by the second version, Cherry Blossom, in 2019. Both games can be played on their own with 2-4 Players or be combined for a massive Dodo-gathering of 8 Players.

Get your single copy now or profit from our bundle option in our SHOP

Learn more about DODORESQUE on our WEBSITE.

This weekend we are launching the first set of Tetrahedron Games wargaming scenery.

The Space Scenery is available in specialized sets for the games Star Wars: Armada (7 asteroids, 4 pieces of debris, 1 space station, fitting bases), Star Wars: X-Wing (4 asteroids, 4 pieces of debris, fitting bases) and Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles (4 Planetoids, 8 Asteroids, fitting bases).

Scenery can be purchased as .stl file to 3D-print at home or as physical product delivered to your doorstep.

Our Space Scenery is optimized for Resin-3D-printing. Print Asteroids, Debris and Bases in any material you like. The .stl files are separately available for each game or you just get the full bundle including 7 asteroids, 7 crystal-asteroids, 8 pieces of debris and bases for all 3 games to create your very own unique sets. Get your downloadable .stls in our SHOP.

The physical Space Scenery is available in 3 versions, one for each of the corresponding game-systems (Armada, X-Wing, Battlestar). Each set includes correctly formed bases.

All terrain-pieces and bases come fully magnetized. This makes for an immersive gaming experience while allowing to remove the terrain when necessary to avoid interfering with the gameplay. Get your fully magnetized Space Scenery for your preferred game-system HERE.

For the ultimate immersive gaming experience our terrain pieces also come fully hand painted (and of course also magnetized). Due to the time consuming manufacturing process we are currently only able to take orders for 100 sets. Don't miss out and get your fully painted and magnetized deluxe Space Scenery HERE.

Looking for personal exchange and contact, any questions or concerns?

For further information on any of our products, check out our WEBSITE.

Want to keep up with anything regarding Tetrahedron Games? You can find us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. Or you subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to get a monthly update on all of our projects.


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