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Dodoresque Deluxe Edition Announcement

Dodoresque Deluxe Edition

In January 2019 we released the first edition of Dodoresque, followed by the Standalone Expansion Cherry Blossom later that year.

Now, little more than a year after the first release we have designed something special to accompany the basic card game: Four fully painted Dodo-Miniatures with detachable feathers as hit-point-counters.

The picture shows a first Prototype. Design and exact colours may change until mass production, but this already comes pretty close to what we picture for the final version.

The Dodo-Figures will replace the square cards that count the remaining hit-points of a Dodo-Character. Whenever a Player loses a hit-point, one Dodo-feather is plucked. First Dodo to lose all of their feathers / hit-points has lost the game.

Dodoresque Deluxe Edition will launch on Kickstarter on March 24th and will be available for approximately €15. Of course there will also be bundles with games and our previous Collectors Figures available.

Check out the full campaign preview here.

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